Donate by SMS

You can donate to the animals via SMS. This is done by sending an SMS to the telephone number 1277 and writing a password as a message. The amount is deducted from your phone bill.

Donate by Phone

You can support via mobilepay by sending a contribution to 81 88 05 47 . For targeted support, type one of the following codes in the subject field :

ANIMALS:  For wild life support and

TREES:        For trees support

Make a one off Donation





Start off by filling the form to the right. Please note that it is very important that we have your contact number, as well as email, so we can send you our offers.

Once your information is with us, we will review it, and

one of our trained professionals will call you up, and

present various options for you to donate

You will pick a way to donate and once you do, you

will execute the transaction. We will receive a confirmation,and activate your honorary membership.

And that’s about it! Your course will commence from the date you specify. Length of the course may vary. We wish you best of luck and happy hiring!


Più uomini conosco, più amo gli animali

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